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It's hard to say where the “Mobile Home” started. Some will look back as far as the 1500's to the traveling European gypsies.

In the 1970's, the government got involved, concerning the construction of the factory built homes and in 1976 the HUD building code was put into effect at the factories.

In 1980, there was a Congressional Approval to change the term "Mobile Home" to "Manufactured Housing".

Today, Manufactured Housing is unmatched in price, selection, features and options. Compared to site built homes the savings is significant.


Q: What kind of Homes does Baird of Vincennes offer?
A: Champion: Fortune & Dutch, Adventure, Fleetwood, & Commodore.
This includes Modular (State Code compliant), Manufactured: Double-wide, Single wide (Hud Code Built).

Q: What is the difference between Modular & Manufactured Homes?
A: Modular: The Modular is built to State, (Same as stick built requirements), Local, and Regional Codes, where the home is to be based or located.
The modular home is constructed in a controlled atmospheric facility keeping the home from harmful weatherization elements thru-out the construction process. Each home is built to meet & exceed I.R.C (International Residential Code), I.B.C. (International Building Code), C.A.B.O (One & Two Family Dwelling Code), along with state code (that even stick builders admire). In order to build a state of the art quality home each home is kept under strict Quality Control inspections. While in a closed supervised environment, issued state code regulations can be mandated properly and sufficiently giving you a home to be admired. Your modular is then delivered to the site, unbolted from the carrier & then crane set on your foundation. This home is quickly becoming America’s Choice for quality, quick build time, price to value.
Manufactured: The Manufactured Home is built entirely in the factory; federal code administered by the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), this home offers you a well-built sound home. Under (HUD) regulations which took effect June 15, 1976, (which has been updated over the years several times to accommodate for new code and regulations), this home is built in an atmospheric environment under strict Quality Control Inspections to bring you the best in: Design, Construction, Strength, Durability, Transportability, Fire Resistance, Energy Efficiency, & Quality. Covers Single or Multi-Sectional homes and includes Transport to the site and Installation.
Q: What is the Difference in Cost and Quality of a Modular Home Verses a Stick Built Home?
A: Construction:
Actually there is no difference between the overall processes of the construction of a modular vs. a stick built home. The steps involved are the same.
Quality: Modular homes are built in sections, of highly engineered structures, inside the controlled environment of a factory under strict Quality Control regulations. Thus, leaving you without weatherization element related issues. In return, leaves you with a better quality and well-built constructed home. In Addition: Modular Builders use state of the Art Computer Design in customizing and planning your Home specific to your needs and code regulations giving you the best.
Cost: The reason, modular homes can keep cost down and quality assurance high is: 1. Manufacturers purchase building, accessory, parts and materials in very large bulk quantities at wholesale cost, (similar savings can be accomplished with appliances and fixtures) saving you money. 2. Engineered Built under close supervision, no weather delays, or schedule insufficiencies leaving less labor hours charged while making it time sufficient for delivery.
Q: Will my Credit Score affect me in buying a Home?
A: Yes, It will. If seeking Lender Approval, lenders base approval on your FICO credit score, this will determine your eligibility requirements or unapproved status for financial risk.
Q: What is a FICO® Credit Score?
A: It’s a three-digit number calculated from the information on your credit score. Lenders will use this information to summarize and determine your credit risk and how likely you are to pay your credit obligations.
Q: How will lenders look at my credit score to determine my eligibility requirements?
A: Lenders will look at these things on a credit score in determining eligibility and Loan Requirements:
  1. 35% Loan Payment History,
  2. 30% Amount you Owe,
  3. 15% Length of Credit History,
  4. 10% Types of Credit you have,
  5. 10% New Credit Opened.
Q: What does my three-digit FICO® credit score mean to Lenders?
 A score of 580 or less is an indication of a risky borrower, 580-669 some lenders will approve, and 670-739 is an average score based on a U.S. range considered as having good credit, 740-799 is an indication of a very dependable borrowed, and 800+ is viewed as an indication of an exceptional borrower. These numbers will determine loan approval and requirements.
Q: How is the Customer Service at Baird Homes Vincennes?
A: Here at Baird Homes of Vincennes, we greet every customer with a smile. Leaving you with a favourable impression, Baird Homes is here with you every step of the way. Baird Homes will act as a liaison with manufactures, when authorized, giving you the best service possible. With over 30 years’ experience with our service team, you can count on Baird Homes of Vincennes to make you smile, with our service.